Prince Silvero has based its strength on the in-depth knowledge of the silver in domestic market, as well as in the international. With significant export activity in Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Malta, USA, Lebanon Israel and other Arab States, the company expands its partnerships with the largest international exhibitions abroad. The major export activity of its, is the result of persistent and responsible work.

Prince Silvero administration, despite the challenges in the sociopolitical and economic stature of our country, is constantly strengthening its presence abroad, through new collaborations. Further growth in sales through exports, is an important milestone in Prince Silvero’s growth for years to come.

Prince Silvero‘s presence in domestic and international industries is a result of the constant search and addition of new aesthetic products which combine the low price, without losing their quality and finesse. An important factor of its development is the investing to Human Resources, as well as fostering relationships of trust and transparency with its partners.