At Prince Silvero, we care about our business needs by actively contributing our resources to supporting entrepreneurship in the sector of retail through the continuous upgrading and renewal of our product range.

We care about the needs of our society and seek to actively participate in the support of weaker economic social groups, through actions, in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We built our company’s reputation, and we grow it by always focusing on people. Our aim is to achieve excellent relationships with our partners, our suppliers, our employees, and our customers based on our fundamental values.

Integrity, Responsibility, Commitment to the Result, Innovation.

The company’s successful policy, regarding the quality level of our products, has been based on the following objectives:

  • All of our products fully meet our customers’ requirements with consistency, validity, reliability, low cost, while fulfilling all relevant legislation.
  • Continuously ensuring the safety and hygiene of our workers, as well as the final consumers.
  • The constant improvement of the company’s competitiveness on the markets in which it operates.